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Roaring rock music, a new week and new gear

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As we collectively step into Tuesday, I thought the headline of today’s post was pretty apt. There are groundbreaking days up ahead, are there not? Similar to other recent newsletter dispatches, it’s a meaningful line from a meaningful song — this time by Philly indie rockers The War On Drugs (more on them in a moment). What better way to welcome a new week than with roaring, introspective and propulsive rock music, yes? It’s the best way to get in that mindset when work needs to be done (high-quality coffee is a prerequisite, of course).

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This week, I’m due for a change of scenery, as I head south to visit my parents (consider it a summer road trip of sorts, scored by, naturally, road trip-friendly tunes from The War On Drugs). I hope you find the music that moves you and the gear you need for your journey in today’s newsletter. And seeing as it’s Tuesday and all, you’d do well to head over to The Style Guide for today’s #OOTD post, too. Cheers, folks.

What To Listen To This Week: “Nothing To Find” By The War On Drugs

Right off the bat, the music video for “Nothing To Find” is pretty darn clever, so give it a good watch when you’ve got the time. And if you’d rather open up this song in a new tab and let it ride as you go about your day, that’s perfectly fine, too — recommended, even. The music of The War On Drugs has been a solid force in my life, and in my Spotify playlists, for years. I found the Philly band’s unique blend of forward-thinking, Heartland-tinged, Tom Petty-esque rock music particularly comforting when I first moved to New York City — the chaos of the city was drowned out, in part, by visions of open spaces and memories of home. As I found my footing in New York and in Brooklyn, I kept coming back to Adam Granduciel’s work (and that of former War On Drugs guitarist Kurt Vile, a talented solo artist in his own right). If you know the band, you’re probably familiar with the iconic track “Red Eyes,” another favorite of mine.

The War On Drugs capture a far-gone time and place, and the emotions that come with reckoning with your past while thinking of the future — that’s what this song means to me, at least. Either way, it’s a seriously well-constructed, effortlessly cool and shimmering piece of rock music. Plug in ASAP.

What To Shop This Week: Ibex 24-Hour Short-Sleeve Crew

24 Hour Short Sleeve Crew

In the spirit of hitting the road in style this season, I’d recommend looking for a stylish merino wool T-shirt from a brand like Ibex (so named for the adventurous Ibex goat). You might be thinking: Merino wool? In the summer? Yes, indeed. While Ibex is a new brand for yours truly, merino wool as a fabric is much-loved around these parts (and perhaps you’re familiar with its many positive properties, too). Merino wool, sourced sustainably from Merino sheep in places like Australia and New Zealand, is what I like to call a wonder fabric. As it were, it’s the core of the Ibex business, which specializes in stylish merino gear for men and women. Merino wool helps regulate your temperature while absorbing moisture and acting as an anti-microbial layer, and in this case, you can get it in a short-sleeve merino T-shirt in a variety of versatile colors. In short, it’s the perfect T-shirt to wear for travel, or a day hike, or a day hanging out at home. You’ll also find it in long-sleeve tees, plus socks, underwear and sweatpants from Ibex — you best start shopping now.

What To Sip This Week: Leivas Coffee Bourbon Barrel-Aged Coffee

Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee - Cool Material

That’s right — if it’s Tuesday morning, I’m calling on you to pick yourself up some of the most unique, best-tasting coffee of the moment. Head on over to Cool Material to get this fittingly flavorful update to your morning or afternoon cup of joe — why is it worth investing in coffee that’s been aged in bourbon barrels? To me, that question kind of makes sense in and of itself. The same way you’re paying attention to upgrading your T-shirt or listening to a new favorite, perfectly crafted song? Well, it can be said that even switching up your morning coffee might be a similarly cool change. Or, if you just want something as simple as a change of pace and new coffee to enjoy, well, Leivas Coffee is the way to go. This coffee is seasonal and roasted in small batches, all the better to be enjoyed every day and during special occasions.

The Final Pick: FRYE Briggs Boat Shoes

Yes, it’s still boat shoe season (at least, in my neck of the woods). Consider picking up some of the best leather boat shoes to add to your rotation right now — and consider turning toward a rather unlikely source through which to buy them. I’m talking, of course, about FRYE, makers of some of the best men’s and women’s boots — yet, as you can see above with the FRYE Briggs Boat Shoes, they also know how to execute a warm weather style staple, too. Consider these rugged leather boat shoes sort of like a footwear version of, say, bourbon barrel-aged coffee — it’s something you know and love, done in a way that’s unexpected, enjoyable and pleasingly cool. As it were, you can wear these stylish leather boat shoes right on through Labor Day and into September if fall’s chill holds off. Sounds like as solid a footwear bet as any, does it not?

So, how about it? Do you have a clear focus for the week ahead? I know I do. I might be coveting the FRYE Briggs Boat Shoes for now, but I’m fueling my days with the music of the The War On Drugs as I plan out some exciting future content for Maxim (be sure to give my byline a look!) and sites like GearMoose and The Manual (for The Manual, I recently worked on a guide to the work shirt, a piece I’m pretty proud of writing). In the meantime, feel free to share this newsletter with your friends (every share is much appreciated!), and of course, I’m always down to talk shop (craft beer, indie rock, menswear and more) over on Twitter or Instagram. See you this weekend!