So far around the bend

Back in Brooklyn with a soundtrack to match

Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday — and a mighty busy one for me, at that. I’m back in the swing of things in Brooklyn and sorting through mail, menswear packages, the odd beer delivery and more after plenty of fun in the sun in Florida over these past few weeks (as seen on my Instagram). When I return to Brooklyn after any time spent away, I’m often looking to hit the ground running and get right back to work (my blog posts, stories at Maxim and this newsletter aren’t going to write themselves, after all). To do that though, it’s all about the right mindset and the right preparation. I go back to basics, so to speak — and what better way to do that than music to set the tone for the week ahead, yes? (Editor’s note: I’ll be compiling a playlist of songs from this newsletter soon, but here’s another playlist of mine in the meantime!).

New tunes for a new week

I’ve soundtracked many a walk through the borough lately — and over the past, oh, seven years — with Brooklyn’s original indie rock band, The National. Alright, not the original indie band out of the borough, but certainly a leader over the past two decades. There’s no better band to serve as a daily source of inspiration, style and that hard-working Brooklyn spirit of the group’s early days. And on another note. you’re going to like today’s spirited, underrated song by The National (it’s stylishly represented by the print at the top of the page).

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What To Listen To This Week: “So Far Around the Bend” By The National

We’ve talked about new tracks from the likes of Midwest rockers Citizen and indie luminary Julien Baker in recent weeks, but long before those guitars were plugged in, there was (deep breath)… The National. A pioneering band and a stalwart of the Brooklyn scene for a decade before the group decamped elsewhere (Los Angeles, Paris, upstate New York, the band’s original hometown of Cincinnati), they’re already icons for a reason. Sometimes, it’s good to go back to an old favorite when you need to get grounded and get back to work., and that’s what The National does for me. And if you stumble across a hidden gem in the process — like 2009’s “So Far Around the Bend” — that’s even better. This lilting, buoyant song was dreamed up for the 2009 indie compilation “Dark Was the Night,” with proceeds benefiting the Red Hot Organization in the fight against HIV and AIDS. It’s got all the prominent indie artists of the day (from Yeasayer to The Decemberists), and this timeless original track is a standout. It’s a nice throwback and a lovely song, and it’s going to be on repeat for me this week.

What To Shop This Week: Filson Tacoma Work Jacket

How’s this for a jacket to help you get into the spirit of hard work, spring cleaning and spring yard work (or spring strolls around town, at the very minimum)? Yes indeed, the Filson Tacoma Work Jacket is just going to work hard from point A to point B, to say the least. It’s the kind of dependable work jacket that the Pacific Northwest heritage outfitters excel at making, and you can probably guess what I’m going to say next: Yes, I would assuredly wear this jacket to grab a cold patio beer OR attend a powerful Brooklyn rock concert one day (I’m tallying up the days over here, folks). Plus, anything related to Filson these days reminds me of my last concert-centric road trip to the brand’s Seattle HQ, simple as that. Time to get to work, my friends.

Shop Filson

What To Sip This Week: Equator Coffees Equator Blend Coffee

In the mood for a jumpstart to your week? Coming right up, courtesy of some of the best Fair Trade coffee I’ve tried in some time (don’t worry, I’ll get back to recommending craft beer in this newsletter this weekend). The really neat thing about Equator Coffees, in addition to the eye-catching packaging and stellar coffee bean quality, is the level of insight they provide into their entire process, including growing and sourcing. It’s that kind of care and craftsmanship that results in a finely tuned finished product — kind of like a nuanced, introspective song, yes? And what could be better as you start your Tuesday than a high-quality cup of coffee and a new favorite track? It’s the little things are luxuries these days, and I’ll take any of those that I can get — including spinning a favorite record and kicking back with my favorite coffee.

The Final Pick: Alex Mill Marshall Cotton Cardigan

I’ve talked about NYC menswear brand Alex Mill on my style blog and in my newsletter in recent days for good reason. This brand is fresh and modern, blending classic workwear styles with modern fits and fabrics (I especially love the this vintage twill blazer). And that makes them a highly reliable choice to transition from warm Florida weather back into a breezy, chilly NYC week — oh, and into the rest of spring. . The Alex Mill Marshall Cotton Cardigan looks like an ideal cardigan to wear on a spring morning as you pick up weekend coffee (or brewery beers). It’s the kind of cardigan I also find myself reaching for when my Brooklyn apartment gets just a bit too cold (with coffee brewing and The National playing all the while — but I think we already knew that, right??). Plus, you know who loves a stylish cardigan? The gentlemen of The National.

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Consider yourself set for the week ahead if you do something as simple as follow my guide for Tuesday and beyond. The Alex Mill Marshall Cotton Cardigan is going to keep you warm in style from chilly spring breezes, and “So Far Around the Bend” By The National is going to prove an endearing, refreshing soundtrack (maybe that’s just me). Freshly roasted beans from Equator Coffees are going to give your morning routine a needed jolt, and I’d recommend you layer up to get the job done with the Filson Tacoma Work Jacket. That’s it, that’s the guide. Stay stylish, work hard and be sure to tell all your friends about this newsletter. See you on Saturday.