Welcome to Tuesday

Another edition of The Style Guide In Brief


Ready for another week of adventures? Alright, not necessarily in the wild (as the rugged Bespoke Post Flip Box — a pocket knife and a cool leather sheath for a low price — would imply). But hey, if your plans involve going off-trail in the great outdoors this summer, you can’t go wrong. I’m still getting my sea legs back after a relaxing jaunt to the country lands of Michigan earlier this month — Mackinac Island, with its picturesque views, horse-drawn carriages and an island-wide automobile ban, is like stepping back in time. It’s always great for the soul. I’m slowly but surely getting back up to speed though, starting with today’s latest briefing. I’ve also got some exciting plans in the works that I’ll get to … in good time. For now, plug in your headphones, pour yourself another cup of coffee, and let’s get right to it. Again, the routine is as follows at The Style Guide In Brief: Music, shopping picks, sipping picks. Maybe some other items as “my editor” sees fit.

(One more thing: Consider this your reminder to head to my regular blog for all things men’s style).

What To Listen To Right Now: “Next of Kin” by Alvvays

For these first few editions of The Style Guide In Brief, I’ve mostly been sticking with reliable, modern “classics” — like the jaunty, upbeat-but-subtly-dark “Next of Kin” from Canada’s Alvvays. They specialize in sunny, retro-tinged, timeless indie rock, and they’ve really captured my attention across two albums (this is from 2014’s self-titled debut). I had it on constant rotation “back in the day," I’ve had it in constant rotation now on vinyl, and it’s one of my favorite songs … ever? See if it strikes you the same way this fine Tuesday.

What To Shop Today: Todd Snyder Made-in-L.A. Jersey T-Shirt

If you know me, and if you’ve asked me about anything related to #menswear, then you know that I can’t get enough of NYC-based menswear designer Todd Snyder. The Iowa-born Snyder has reinvented how a whole generation of stylish guys and newcomers see fashion and style, starting with his time at J. Crew in the mid-aughts. These days, Snyder has revolutionized everything from made-in-America T-shirts (like this one!) to premium men’s suiting. Your summer style gets better the instant you throw on this classic T-shirt, that I know. Know someone on the hunt for a new tee? This is the one. Head to my blog to read more about Todd Snyder, too.

What To Sip This Week: Cold Brew from the GrowlerWerks uKeg Nitro Cold Brew Growler

Are you sensing a theme here? There are few things that keep me fueled up like delicious cold brew, and lately, I’ve had my eye on this essential cold brew growler from GrowlerWerks. This is especially fitting given the heat of summer in Brooklyn. What’s your take? Are you a cold brew fan? A heads-up that GrowlerWerks also makes some seriously cool craft beer growlers, too.

The Final Pick: Billykirk Leather Schoolboy Satchel

OK, let’s close things out the right way. We’ve talked about music and cold brew and a seriously cool T-shirt to fuel your summer adventures. What about the tough everyday bag to bring with you? That’s where Billykirk comes into play. This stylish leather satchel is an incredible investment for yourself or someone entering the job market or heading off to college — it’s what you might call a lifetime bag. Don’t delay in picking it up (or suggesting that someone you know pick it up!).


That’s going to bring your Tuesday edition of The Style Guide In Brief to a close. If you’ve got suggestions on what should be covered here — music, gear, beer … anything at all! — reach out to me on Twitter. I’ll be back on Saturday, and in the meantime, you’re always welcome over at The Style Guide. Mind putting on another pot of coffee for me?