A Tuesday pause

Upstate with Eddie Bauer and more to start the week

Folks, welcome back to my menswear-music-craft beer newsletter, The Style Guide In Brief. If you’re just checking this out for the first time, well, we’re doing things a little bit differently today. That’s because I hit pause on this past weekend’s newsletter as I headed upstate on a bit of a work trip with Eddie Bauer (above, you’ll find a sneak peek of where I went). Now, if you read my daily style blog, you know that my main gig is writing about and reviewing menswear, gear and more for sites like Maxim, The Manual and much more. Please feel free to give my work a read! That being said, I really did indeed hit pause last weekend, and am extending that a bit today before I get back to a full newsletter entry on Saturday! As a reminder, I talk about old favorites like The National and new bands like Moontype, helped along by a side of craft beer and new menswear for concerts and festivals aplenty. So, that’s coming along in the days ahead.

Editor’s note: Thank you to Eddie Bauer for providing a complementary upstate trip. All opinions are my own. More on my blog to follow!

But back, briefly, to my trip. I’m still reflecting on the much-needed relaxation and solitude, something that can be hard to find in NYC frequently. I headed upstate Friday afternoon and made it all the way out to Catskill, NY and the quiet tranquility of the Getaway Eastern Catskills outpost, a set-up of tiny, personal cabins that practically shielded you from the outside world. There was just enough space for me to post up by the fire, sip whiskey, make simple stovetop meals and do a bit of hiking (or a lot — to the tune of about 11 miles across the weekend) in my favorite Danner boots. Of course, I was helped along by plenty of Eddie Bauer gear, including moisture-wicking shirts and pants, a helpful ballcap and much more. For all of your own summer outdoor pursuits, Eddie Bauer men’s gear seems to be the way to go, and I’m not just saying that.

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I had more than enough opportunity to put these pieces to the test as I trekked around the incredible Opus40 outdoor sculpture park in nearby Saugerties. It’s a testament to human ingenuity and innovation — sculptor and artist Harold Fite transformed a former bluestone quarry across 40 years into a massive geological feature built into the natural landscape. It’s really a sight to behold, as seen at the top of the page. Again, perfect to test out some Eddie Bauer men’s gear , wouldn’t you agree? I also spent time sipping on cold craft beer in the lovely town of Woodstock — yes, that Woodstock — not far from the famed festival site itself (visit the R&R Taproom and get the bratwurst if ever you get the chance). I really wouldn’t have been able to get around with some Eddie Bauer gear, and that’s just a fact. As luck would have it, the Getaway Eastern Catskills outpost is just across the river from the lovely town of Hudson.

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That brings me to my final point here — I extended my laidback upstate Eddie Bauer trip by a day, and in doing so, got to spend more time in perhaps my favorite upstate town. Hudson’s quaint Warren Street is packed with lovely shops and galleries, neat bars and restaurants (like Spotty Dog Books & Ale and the tavern at the Rivertown Lodge) and much more. It really was all made by possible by the versatile Eddie Bauer menswear I brought with me, so be sure to catch up with my Instagram to get the full scoop and see more photos from my trip. As for the rest of this week, I’ll be catching up on writing for Maxim plus my blog, I’ll be catching up with friends and I’ll even be writing a piece for Merry-Go-Round Magazine on Moontype. With all that being said, thanks for reading and following along as I’ve unplugged! We’ll see you back here for a full dispatch on Saturday. Thanks for reading!