Kicking off Tuesday

New tunes, new denim, new coffee & more

Faherty Brand | Linen Laguna Shirt – GARYS

My friends, check your calendars, check your watch, don’t hit the Snooze button. It’s Tuesday, and we’re back at it with another edition of The Style Guide In Brief. It’s been nearly one month in action for my Brooklyn-based newsletter, so thanks for following along — there’s plenty more where that came from, including some required listening & sipping, plus a look at the best gear for summer. On that note — if you were curious — that stylish linen shirt pictured above is an essential pick-up from Faherty Brand. That’s even moreso true if you’re planning on getting some beach time in across the next few weeks (the best I can do is the Coney Island boardwalk). All that aside, there’s work to be done. Like I said, it’s Tuesday. If you’re so inclined, I also publish every day of the week at my regular blog, The Style Guide.

What To Listen To This Week: “Bloodbuzz Ohio” By The National

Yes, yes. I know. It really was only a matter of time before I featured my favorite band properly in this newsletter, right? No doubt. If you follow me on any social platform, from Instagram to Facebook to Twitter, right on down to my Instagram Stories — and certainly, if we’ve ever talked about music, you know my passion and love for these well-dressed, Ohio-born indie rockers. This song, off the excellent “High Violet,” recently celebrated its 10th anniversary, a fitting watershed moment. As if I didn’t listen to The National every day already, I’ve been on even more of a kick, reading up on the 10th anniversary of the album and reflecting on what it means to me. I’ve also been spinning the commemorative vinyl non-stop, but that’s just me. The special-edition vinyl includes not one, but TWO versions of this near-masterpiece of a song, musing on where you’re from and where you’re going, and what’s happening to your loved ones along the way. It’s powerful, it’s cathartic to see during one of the band’s live shows, it’s perhaps the quintessential The National song. As they say, “Our Band Could Be Your Life.” Take a few seconds to reflect — as I am now — and then let’s carry on.

What To Shop This Week: Mott and Bow Driggs Classic Crewneck and Pocket Tees

Men's Tees Crew | Mott & Bow | Elevated Basics. Grounded Price.

Let’s keep it simple and to the point here. If you read my blog, you’re well-acquainted with New York City’s Mott and Bow — straightforward, well-done, online-only purveyors of the best men’s denim (and women’s denim!). But, they also make other men’s style essentials, including perfectly designed crewneck tees and well-done pocket tees in a range of colors. They make 11 crewneck tee colors, to be exact, and these T-shirts perfectly complement their stylish men’s denim. In my mind, finding a stylish new T-shirt and pairing it with expertly cut slim denim is as surefire a way as any to look great this summer.

Shop Mott and Bow Denim & T-shirts

What To Sip This Week: Blue Orchid Coffee Blend from Huckleberry Roasters

Huckleberry Roasters Blue Orchid Coffee Blend | Huckberry

Because it’s Tuesday morning and all, I’ll save my thoughts on this week’s craft beer for Instagram later (and for happy on Tuesday night, naturally). In the meantime, I’m going to point you back toward some finely roasted ethically sourced coffee from Huckleberry Roasters, aptly sold through the very closely named Huckberry (no connection between the two, though!). It’s the house espresso blend from Huckleberry Roasters, but the company says it’ll do just fine when brewed the regular way — hard to argue with getting some of the best new coffee for the rest of the week, right?

The Final Pick: Herschel Sutton Duffle Bag in Ivy Green

Herschel Supply Co. BTU Sutton Duffle Bag in Ivy Green

I wrote about this over on The Style Guide itself, but it bears repeating if you want some of the best men’s style deals (or deals on women’s style picks, or home goods!). The fine folks at Richmond, Va.-based Need Supply Co., who sold eclectic and classic designer goods out of a neat space for nearly 25 years, are going out of business in the next few months. Sad as that is, you should support them to the very end by shopping a whole host of the best sale gear at the moment, including a stylish travel duffle from Herschel (currently going for more than 20 percent off). Check out the rest of the Need Supply Co. Sale right here.

That’s going to close the books on our Tuesday briefing here in Brooklyn (or wherever it is you happen to be!). As for me, I’m going to cruise on over to Need Supply Co. for a little digital browsing as I’m enjoy some freshly roasted coffee. Of course, I’ll have The National playing. What else is there?? Thanks, everyone, for reading and for being here! See you on Saturday.