Sunlight in the afternoon

The latest from Wild Pink, plus breezy spring gear and craft beer

There's no time like the present to plug into a new week with a stellar new song from what’s quickly become a tried-and-true favorite band. Tried-and-true is the theme of the day in the rest of my music-menswear-craft beer newsletter, but we’ll get to that in a moment. As you’ve (hopefully) read via this newsletter, Wild Pink released one of my favorite albums of the year back in February, and they certainly haven’t let up since then. They’ve got a new EP on the way next month, from which today’s featured track hails (that’s the cover art above!), and it’s all worth listening to and revisiting to start a new week. I hope, you like me, are able to get some time working from home balanced with, perhaps, a safe return to the office (I’ve been working from Florida, as it were). Today’s guide — one of two newsletters you’ll get this week if you subscribe — hits all the high points you need to know for the week ahead, from music to menswear to craft beer.

That’s what it’s all about at The Style Guide In Brief. If you’ve been reading along with my musings on bands like Lord Huron and Wild Pink, or if you’ve been following me on Spotify, perhaps you’re starting to map out what you want your summer to look like (and sound like). I know just the place to start, specifically today’s top-notch track below, which blends nuanced guitar work with cool vocals from up-and-coming singer-songwriter Samia. Of course, there’s much more in store, including a discount on Threes Brewing beer for shipping or local delivery. Cheers indeed, folks. One more reminder: I publish daily on my style blog, and you should also keep a weather eye out for my work at sites like Maxim. OK, let’s get this thing started.

What To Listen To This Week: “Ohio” By Wild Pink

As you read above, well, I’ve gone down something of a Wild Pink rabbit hole these past few days and weeks. It’s something about the “sunlight in the afternoon” — as heard in this stunning new track — that really gets me, especially in Florida. I’m heading back to New York today, in fact, and this song will still be in my Bluetooth headphones in the days and weeks to come. I really can’t get enough of Wild Pink’s nuanced guitar rock, the kind of music that goes perfectly with a warm, more hopeful spring and summer day. I’ve talked about favorite Wild Pink tracks including “The Wind Was Like A Train,” along with the album in general, and it’s all got a timeless quality that I haven’t grown tired of yet. This track is from a forthcoming EP by the band (I’ll be writing more on this soon!), and I’d keep your eyes peeled for that release via this pre-order link. You won’t regret it.

Listen to Wild Pink

What To Shop This Week: Allen Edmonds Patton Weatherproof Captoe Boots

You’ve got your tried-and-true soundtrack all lined up, but what about a pair of rugged, stylish leather boots you can wear day in and day out as the world returns to normal? As I’ve talked about on my style blog, I’m usually wearing some sort of boots as often as possible, even in warmer weather, so it helps that these weatherproof leather boots aren’t overly bulky (like snow boots), nor are they too flimsy for stomping around festival grounds (old habits die hard, folks). Yes indeed, you’ll break in the Allen Edmonds Patton Weatherproof Captoe Boots each time you wear ‘em, and show after show — or brewery visit after brewery visit, and so on — you’ll have even better stories to tell. Lace ‘em up accordingly.

Find your new favorite boots

What To Sip This Week: Threes Brewing Vliet Pilsner — Get 10 Percent Off with the Code BEAU10

Folks, when I searched through my archives to see if I was absolutely sure I hadn’t yet featured Threes Brewing in this newsletter, I was taken aback. After all, Threes Brewing is a much-loved and really excellent Brooklyn brewery, perhaps the best brewery in the borough (and very deserving of inclusion in my list of the best spring beers at GearMoose). I’ve got even better news for you on two fronts: You can get Threes Brewing delivered locally in NYC, or you can get beer from Threes Brewing shipped to you in more than 20 states. Plus, get 10 percent off your first order of any beer from Threes Brewing using the code BEAU10. That discount code works for Web orders or pick-up/to-go orders of $50 or more at the brewery, but not on-premise imbibing (something you should certainly still indulge in if you get the chance to visit!).

Order beer at a discount

And for hot spring and summer days, you can’t go wrong with the fresh and incredibly drinkable Threes Vliet Pilsner, a fan favorite and one that’s bursting with crisp, clean flavor. Once again, that code is BEAU10, and your beer fridge is all set for the week ahead. Of course, I find that fresh Brooklyn beer pairs very well with the smooth, complex rock of Wild Pink for weekday and weekend imbibing. Cheers!

Get 10% off with BEAU10 at Threes

The Final Pick: Tom Beckbe Poplin Field Shirt

Not familiar with Tom Beckbe? You should be, because the brand is making some of the most rugged outdoor gear on the market, the kind that blends style and utility with an aesthetic that wouldn’t look out of place at a Wild Pink show (speaking as a guy who loves the band annd this Tom Beckbe Field Shirt, this is the highest of compliments). The Arkansas-based brand, founded by an attorney who wanted a versatile jacket to wear from the city out into the country, nails the details in its heritage menswear (although they also make women’s jackets!), and the rugged, versatile Tom Beckbe Poplin Field Shirt is perfect to wear to grab a cold beer from Threes Brewing as you lace up your weatherproof leather boots from Allen Edmonds. That’s a winning trio if ever I saw one.

Shop Tom Beckbe gear

My friends, we did it. Well, sort of. Your Tuesday might still be largely ahead of you (depending on when you get around to opening this E-mail!), but either way, I’d say it’s got a few key boxes checked off right away. Your new favorite spring and summer shirt? Consider it done when you get after the Tom Beckbe Poplin Field Shirt. Your new favorite spring and summer beers? Consider your beer fridge well-stocked with beer from Threes Brewing, and yes, you shouldn’t forget that discount code for 10 percent off your order of $50 or more using the code BEAU10. Last but not least, you’ll want to lace up those stylish leather boots from Allen Edmonds. And naturally, I already know what’s in your headphones or on your Bluetooth speaker: Wild Pink, of course. Have a great week ahead, folks!