Coming out of my cage

And I've been doing just fine

Folks, today’s post really needs no introduction. Or does it? You know the band. You know that song. You’ve read about *that* band and the aforementioned, ever-stylish lead singer in this very newsletter and certainly, plenty elsewhere.

Today is the culmination of, well, years and years of writing, of support from friends, of listening to songs by *that* band on drives to high school and walks through my college campus and days in the sunlight & the rain in Brooklyn. Of course, that band is The Killers and so today, I’m going to cede the floor in quick succession. We’ll be back with a full edition of my music-menswear-craft beer newsletter on Tuesday, but if you don’t yet follow me on Instagram or Twitter, there’s a chance you might have missed … what’s about to happen below. *Deep breath*

Back in December, I had the lifetime chance to interview the one, the only … yes, Mr. Brandon Flowers. We talked about Levi’s jeans, the band’s new deluxe version of their excellent sixth record “Imploding The Mirage,” and even Ernest Hemingway. On that note, I’m so pleased, honored and humbled to share that piece for here — my first feature for Esquire, as it were!


If you’d like to keep up with the rest of my (non-music) writing, check out my bylines at Maxim, GearMoose, The Manual and Effortless Gent, as well — oh, and of course, my daily style blog, The Style Guide. With any luck (plus a bit of grit and a lot of elbow grease), I hope to share more Esquire features in time. For now, thanks for reading and if you’d like to catch up with me later, you can find me a heated brewery tent here in Brooklyn! Cheers and many thanks for your support.

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