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A throwback Beach Fossils track, rugged new spring menswear and fresh craft beer

If you’re just joining us today at The Style Guide In Brief (perhaps by way of my regular style blog, The Style Guide), it’s high time to kick things off the right way for Tuesday. For the uninitiated: We talk style, gear, craft beer and of course, music, and we have a bit of fun (a lot of fun?) doing it. Today’s featured band and track were inspired by the rainy Brooklyn day outside as I penned this post: It’s the smooth, lo-fi and throwback (2011!) rock track “Face It” from Beach Fossils, a longtime favorite of mine that I tend to, well, never skip when it comes on (that’s the cover of the 2011 EP up top). They’re based in the borough, like me, but this track was a college favorite (more on that soon!). Sometimes, you need music to match the mood and even the weather, and of course, you need menswear (and yes, beer!) that rolls right along, hand in hand, with those pursuits. For an April week, that’s the mission — equip yourself accordingly, and be sure to hit Subscribe and tell every single one of your friends. Let’s get plugged in now.

What To Listen To This Week: “Face It” By Beach Fossils

As promised, this lo-fi, carefully composed, quiet and introspective rock track from Beach Fossils, founded by Dustin Payseur back in 2009. It’s pretty fitting for a Brooklyn day in several ways, least of which being that Beach Fossils are based in Brooklyn and they also release & record on Brooklyn label Captured Tracks (which just so happens to have a pretty neat Williamsburg record store outpost, too). “Face It” comes off the band’s first EP, celebrating 10 years this year — if you can believe it. In fact, the band was due to hit the road with another lo-fi rock favorite, Wild Nothing, last year, but of course, that show didn’t come to fruition. Next time!

But back to this track. I first came across it in my college radio days, so it reminds me every single time of walking across the frigid Michigan State campus. It was part of my daily routine and it got to a point where I fired up this track every time I walked to class. Even now, I don’t tend to skip it when it comes on shuffle, and that’s the mark of a beloved song. Now, I’m not listening to it on the daily but when I do, I’m reminded of the delicate balance between “then” and “now” — a healthy perspective to keep in mind. Enjoy this track to start your Tuesday in a rather calming fashion.

What To Shop This Weekend: Ginew Waxed Canvas Rider Jacket

If you read this newsletter on the regular (and I sure hope you do!), then you know that music and menswear, artistic choices and style choices, can go hand-in-hand, as closely as you want ‘em to go (just witness pioneering old-school bands like The Replacements, for one!). It’s with that approach in mind that I’m once again directing you towards Huckberry and this rugged waxed jacket for spring. Huckberry, as you might know, is a famed retailer and favorite of mine — they’ve also worked with rock bands like Caamp (as I covered in this newsletter!) on fittingly rock-inspired menswear. Now, this jacket isn’t part of any special collaboration, but it’s a perfectly rugged and expertly made jacket for spring rains, spring strolls, imbibing some spring craft beer and of course, listening to Beach Fossils all the while. Shop as you please.

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What To Drink This Week: Schilling Beer Co. Nordertor Pilsner via Drizly

Rainy day weather aside, we’ve had some great glimpses of beautiful spring weather throughout the borough, and that’s led to a few unexpected treats for yours truly. To wit: After an appointment last week, I put off going right back home in favor of picking up a crowler of beer from Brooklyn’s Gold Star Beer Counter for a bit of treat with my lunch later. The beer in question? Schilling Beer Co.’s Nordertor, a delightful and refreshing pilsner hailing from New Hampshire. Schilling are quickly becoming favorites of mine (and of plenty of other beer-inclined folks in Brooklyn). It’s welcome news indeed that light and flavorful beers like the Schilling Nordertor are now available here in Brooklyn — look into delivery service Drizly to see if you can snag any for yourself, then kick back with some Beach Fossils playing later as you dig into this dynamic beer.

The Final Pick: Rhodes Footwear Blake Boots

Alright, here’s as fitting a pick as any to close out today’s spring style, gear, beer and music post. The Rhodes Footwear Blake Boots are your new go-anywhere boots, complete with the workwear-like functionality you need for just about anything on your spring to-do list (even if that to-do list only involves, yes, hanging out at your favorite brewery and listening to some throwback indie rock). I talked about some of the best men’s boots in my last Tuesday newsletter, and as with that post, these are also from the fine folks at Rhodes Footwear and Huckberry. Make them yours ASAP.

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How’s that spring Tuesday to-do list looking, ehh? Did this dispatch cause you to add a few items onto it? I can only hope so, because if you need to shop for some new spring boots, I’ve got you covered (the Rhodes Footwear Blake Boots). If it’s new spring beer you need, turn towards Schilling Beer Co.’s Nordertor. And if you want some seasonal listening, you already know the band to spin — that’d be Beach Fossils. Let me know in the comments below if you enjoyed any of these picks, or all of ‘em, and be sure to join us here again on Saturday for the best weekend picks you’ve ever seen (OK, not quite, but you get the point). Cheers!

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